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Teachers Reaching Out!

The NoteSense journey continues - creating connections and opening new doors. What am I learning? Teachers are eager for information and solutions. They see students in front of them who are talented and love music, and they don't know how to help them! I recently heard from a teacher living 3,000 miles away - a story that exemplifies the reason for NoteSense®. This is what the teacher wrote to me: "I had a wonderful and very talented little student, who after a few years of struggling to read music ended up quitting over the summer. I was heartbroken when she decided to give up the violin, she was so musical and had a terrific ear which of course was how she learned. The music reading was only one of a few of her learning challenges which all added up to chronic anxiety. At the end of the school year she was tested and diagnosed with dyscalculia which seems to be very similar to dyslexia?  Her inability to perceive note/pitch relationships all that time was staggering to me and I am ashamed to say that it did not once occur to me that she might have a learning disorder. I guess I believed that it was my failure." Brains that learn differently can be baffling until we understand the approach that builds foundational knowledge. The beauty of NoteSense® is that the structured, multi-sensory approach can serve a variety of brains that learn differently - And it can be used with anyone - learning differences NOT required. If you are a teacher eager to learn more, please reach out - the gift of music literacy is one that keeps giving for a lifetime!

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