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What Teachers Say About NoteSense®

NoteSense sets itself apart by meeting students where they truly are.  There is nothing arbitrary or incomplete about this curriculum, and it is a great relief to both teacher and student to remove the influence of luck or previous notions about how music might work.  None of this is by coincidence: it is by design.  Dr. Morrow’s exhaustive research into the ways dyslexia manifests in music learners is evident.  This program builds a solid foundation and sets students up for success.

Washington, DC

Emily Wright

I have really enjoyed using NoteSense.  I love how structured it is, and how it keeps spiraling back to review earlier material.  Naming the staff notes and reading flash cards really helped my student.  Also learning to name notes by the octave - it’s like a lightbulb switched on! Your method for counting beats in notes helped her too.  I don’t think she really understood holding until that lesson.  Also, your procedures for learning a piece of music worked really well for her.  NoteSense was EXTREMELY beneficial to my sweet viola student. Previously, she memorized everything and looked at other people’s hands in her section to copy and get by. Now she is reading it instead of memorizing/copying, and her fluency is improving.  Your method is amazing. You have made my student’s life better. Thank you.

Kilgore, TX

Sherry Paetznick

I highly recommend NoteSense for your dyslexic orchestra students to help them comprehend music reading more easily than with traditional methods.  This method is well presented in a sequential order that is engaging and fun for the students.  Using the manipulatives such as the flashcards is great for visual learning.  Having the students use the different colored erase markers that are provided with the materials is very helpful for them to see and correlate where to find notes on the music staff.  NoteSense is a breakthrough method for the dyslexic students that will help them to gain a full understanding of how to read music!

Arlington, TX

Laura Garrett

I am a Dyslexia Therapist. My daughter Sadie has dyslexia. I noticed even before Sadie’s dyslexia diagnosis that she had difficulty reading music.  She took piano lessons at a young age but could only play by memory. After several years, she became frustrated and quit.  Beginning in junior high school, she chose the violin and played in the school orchestra.  She had talent, but still had difficulty reading the music. After a year, she unhappily decided to quit orchestra. About that time, Dr. Morrow began working with Sadie using the NoteSense Program.  For the first time, Sadie was actually learning the notes, one by one, as well as gaining a better understanding of the staff, the beats, the measures, and more. She also learned unique steps and techniques to use when approaching new music. The reading improvement over the summer was enough to build her confidence and her skills.  She stayed in orchestra and plans to continue until graduation.  She really enjoys playing the violin and being with her orchestra friends.  Dr. Morrow’s program will open the door for so many talented musicians that simply need the tools.

Crowley, TX

Julie Wallis, CALT

As a 40-year cello instructor in both traditional and Suzuki instructional methods, I have yet to see a more thorough or comprehensive early note reading program anywhere.  NoteSense is organized and logical, starting with the very basics of note reading and proceeding logically step-by-step, making sure that every previous skill is mastered before moving to the next skill. To create this unique program, Dr. Morrow has combined her vast experience and skillful art of teaching music with her knowledge, research and experience as a dyslexia therapist. This clear and simple approach successfully develops strong and confident music readers.

North Richland Hills, TX

Shelley Jessup

I have taught private oboe lessons for over 40 years, and I have had a few students who had trouble with reading music or rhythms. When I heard of the NoteSense system, I suggested it for a current student who was really struggling with rhythm and not improving in spite of all the techniques which had usually worked with past students. After summer sessions working with NoteSense and then reinforcement in regular lessons, this student improved greatly and was able to win an audition for a local youth orchestra. She counts and plays with confidence now. 

oboe, recently retired from

the Fort Worth Symphony

Jane Owen

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