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The Beginning!

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

The day has finally arrived when NoteSense® is available for purchase. Reaching this moment began with the seed of an idea that grew through 3 ½ years of research and development - imagining, discovering, creating and testing. I have given myself lots of permissions as I navigated this uncharted path. First and foremost, I gave myself permission to quit if it wasn’t fun or rewarding. But the further I traversed, the more noble the goal became, and the task was simply finding the way.

There are many people to thank for encouraging me, providing feedback, and prodding me forward when it would have been easier to quit. A HUGE thank you to:

Louanne Greer, Aracy Plaisant McCalley, Diane Harper, Glori Vela, Ahunna Ikpeowo, Hsinyi Wang, Jenny McHenry, Kerri Harris-Keller, Amy Schulz, Zae Munn, Joni Baczewski, Sherri Paetznick, Laura Garrett, Julie and Sadie Wallis, Janna Smith Dobbs, Terri Zerfas, Nancy Kibbe Redington, Elaine Rose, Merlene Walker, Carrie and Andrew Leverenz, Shelley Jessup, Diana Howard, Bruce Morrow, Emily Wright, Christophe Preissing/IS Productions, and my son Morgan and husband Chuck, who have cheered me on every step of the way!

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